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Those who have followed Jacinda’s career or own an original artwork will know the amount of time, passion and work that goes into producing her evocative, contemporary landscapes. Until now, Jacinda has been reluctant to produce canvas prints of her work due to her lack of confidence in the quality of the reproduction. New technology has enabled the photography and printing process to effectively capture the intricacies of Jacinda’s work. Following significant testing and bespoke projects for existing clients, Jacinda is delighted with the result and the opportunity to bring her artwork to a new audience.

Please note that any orders for Christmas need to be ordered by the 9th Dec 2022 This will be for rolled canvas only. This applies only to West Australian residents. All National and International orders can still be placed but can not guarantee arrival by Christmas.

If you would like your print stretched or framed I can give you a quote and organise for you also. Please message me by clicking below

Below from the Original to the final Print

We are so pleased with our awesome print! It’s like having the real deal! I see something new every day! The boldness of the colours makes me homesick for the north, yet there is a peaceful serenity too! 

Thank-you Jacinda for helping with the framing and making my entrance stunning 😍

Robyn -WA

Exploring Kalamina | 25 only Limited Edition | 150 x 74.5cm on Canvas | $1500 rolled
Beyond The Trees | 50 only Limited Edition Print | 150×118.4cm on Canvas | $1550 rolled
Homeland | 25 only Limited Edition Print | 150cm x 84.7cm on Canvas | $1660 rolled
Red Gorge | 25 only Limited Edition | 70cm x 70cm on Canvas |$990 rolled
Rain Clouds Eagle Bay | 25 only Limited Edition Print | 108 x 100cm on Canvas | $1250 rolled
Jade Lake | 50 only Limited Edition | 150cm x 125cm on Canvas |$1550

“So appreciate having such beauty on our wall …. we are living in a sea of turquoise and loving every moment ❤
Thank you Jacinda for your divine talent and our beautiful print ❤”

Tam- Perth WA

Pause | 50 only Limited Edition | 150cm x 123.6cm on canvas |$1550

Prints in situ

Its hard to visualise what these Limited Edition Prints will look in your space. Please view images below and feel free to send an image of your space so it can be digitally placed.

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