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Those who have followed Jacinda’s career or own an original artwork will know the amount of time, passion and work that goes into producing her evocative, contemporary landscapes. Until now, Jacinda has been reluctant to produce canvas prints of her work due to her lack of confidence in the quality of the reproduction. New technology has enabled the photography and printing process to effectively capture the intricacies of Jacinda’s work. Following significant testing and bespoke projects for existing clients, Jacinda is delighted with the result and the opportunity to bring her artwork to a new audience.

Beyond The Trees – Limited Edition Print on Canvas

” I know my followers enjoy my work, but not all are in the position to purchase an original. These prints are a great opportunity for people to surround themselves with my work at a fraction of the cost of my original oil paintings. Those that hold my original works will always remain special and they will hopefully continue to see an increase in value, as they become more sought after.”

Jacinda Bayne Contemporary Fine Art Prints

Jacinda Bayne is one of those artist’s that just knows how to make the view sit and ponder, really loosing themselves in her artwork. I started with an art lease, then moved to a print and now have originals. Once you have one you will not stop creating a display of these beautiful landscapes.


Let’s fill your space with beautiful fine art.

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