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Kalbarri 2021

“We weren’t sure if we were going to make this quick trip to escape the Perth Storms after lockdown. We were so excited to hear that the travel ban had been lifted and quickly planned our getaway. The conditions were crazy on the ocean, however inland, ‘Natures Window’ and ‘Z Bend’ didn’t disappoint. Just enough inspiration to get me through a crazy few months of commissions and up coming exhibits”.

Cheynes Beach 2021

Bunker Bay 2021

“My family and I took some time in the school holidays to travel down to Bunker bay, 2 hours south of Perth, Western Australia. There is something about capturing memories with the paint brush. These 2 original watercolours are available to purchase unframed here“.

Pilbara Commission

“Dave and I went through images that I put together of my Pilbara experience in July 2020. We both loved the vibrant colours of the Pilbara so choosing a composition of one of my photos was easy.  I took images of his wall where he  really wanted to make a statement.  I superimposed the image on his wall and we measured the size of the canvas to make sure we got what we wanted. After an initial deposit and signed contract we were all in agreement to go ahead. Dave was able to visit my studio along the way and I sent him photos and a couple of small videos of me working on his artwork.  The final result was incredible, it was a wonderful experience and over a glass of bubbly we celebrate”. To see more of my commissions click here.

Elephant Rocks, Denmark

‘White Sand, Red Dust’ . Earlyworks Gallery . Perth . August 2020

“Thank you to all of you the showed your support in attending the opening on Sunday. The response to the work was that of genuine love of the country we live in. To all of you that could not make it available original watercolours will be published for purchase here.”

‘White Sand, Red Dust’ . Pilbara 2020

As I travelled up north painting and camping with my family I was able to capture some extremely special moments with my watercolours. I will be exhibiting all the work from this trip from the white sand of the Coral Coast to the red dust of the Pilbara.

‘Chasing the outback light’. Pilbara Region . June 2020

“2020 has been a strange time for everyone. I needed something to invigorate my creative flow and get out of the new normal. My family and I packed up the 4WD and headed North to immerse ourselves in nature. What an experience it was chasing the outback light, capturing moments with my watercolours and sitting in silence being inspired by nature.”

‘At The Waters Edge’ . Gallery One . Southport Gold Coast . March 2020

“Jacinda Bayne’s smoothly gestural and expressionistic landscape paintings create an atmospheric and intimate mood of consciousness. Pictorial elements are woven into the image with rich glazes of oil in gradient colours of blues, turquoises, golden reds and violets. The scale of the canvas immerses the viewer in natural beauty with an endless internal dialogue of colour and experience. Through the use of imagery, colour and composition, Jacinda’s signature abstract style creates a striking visual language evoking a sense of place. Carefully placed bridges, trees and bodies of water all elicit quietude and reflection”.

‘Rediscovered’ . Linton and Kay . Perth . August 2019

I have always felt I could capture something special about a place that may have been missed or lost.
 Bayne wants us to connect and reconnect by using our memory and imagination by using familiar forms and colours found in the landscape.  She is interested and inspired by how we understand and interact with our surroundings and how it makes us feel, forming strong bonds to the land and with each other.”

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