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Records (Art Installation)
Records Paint Palettes Install bowls
Merging Landscapes
Adrift The Bridge Fall Fleeting Introspection Pause Undiscovered Perfect Storm Filtered Light Quietude 1
Quietude 2 Dream Sequence
Landscape and Memory
The Journey.jpg Flame Tree Underwater Forest Suspension Travelling Home Shallow Pool Just before dark Below The Bridge The Merging Liquid Light
Winter Forest Tranquil Approaching Storm Orange Blossom Reflective Clearing Across The Blue Lake
The Floating Tree
The Fortune Tree Wonderland Take Shelter Looking Through New Life Above and below Circle Of Light These 3 Blue Pools Submerged Breathe
Beneath The Surface Floating Tree Visual Memories Series 1-20
Where The Water Talks
Surveyors Creek Cyclone Creek Tide Line Kimberley Sunrise Twin Falls -King George River Hunter Sunrise Mitchell Falls Aerial Flicking for Barra at Dusk The Unknown Waterfall Jackson Falls St George Basin Sunset
Steep Island Tide Line Leadline Creek Talking Water Place True North Sunset Tiger Beach 1 Tiger Beach 2 Early Morning - Koolan Island Sale River Prince Regent River Bank Montgomery Reef 2
The water talks here. Waterfall Camp Creek
In A Different Light
Evening Light Pilbara 1.Red Terraced Cliffs(Dales Gorge) Cloud cover (Dales Gorge).jpg Blue spinifex (Oxer lookout).jpg New Day Karijini In the Shadow of Joffre Gorge Circular pool (Dales Gorge) Afternoon Heat (Kalamina Gorge) Weano Gorge Narrows 12.Sunset (Weano)
13.Green Pool (Kalamina) 14.Green Trees (Hancock Gorge) Dales Gorge Rolling Hill Side(Karijini) Last Glimpse of Sun Dales Study
Journey Through the Kimberley
Cape Leveque Galvins Gorge Local Family at Town Beach Broome Windjana Gorge ElQuestro El Questro Sunset ELQ sunrise (pigeon Lookout) Night Falls over Cockburn Ranges Leopold Ranges
Welcome to Windjana Gorge Reflections - Bells Gorge Emma Gorge Big Mertens Falls (Mitchell Plateau) El Questro Gorge Sunset Bungle Bungles Emma Gorge 2 El Questro Gorge Palm Trees Bells Gorge 3 Windjana Cliffs
Red Hill (Emma Gorge) Broome kids Town Beach Kimberley Boabs 1 Kimberley Boabs 2 Kimberley Boab Kimberley Boabs 4 Kimberley Boabs 5 Kimberley Boabs 6 Kimberley Boabs 7 Kimberley Boabs 8
Kimberley Boabs 9 Mini Bungles Brother and sister Pigeon Lookout -El Questro
Wildflowers - York Bunker Bay Parker Point Albany Coast Line City Of York Bay Rottnest Green Pools Denmark Margaret river.jpg Middleton Beach - Albany Ocean Beach Denmark The Pinnacles Green
The Pinnacles Red Pinnacles Grid Tide Out -  Ocean Beach Denmark Tree Top Walk Walpole Bickley Bay 2 Rottnest Bickley Bay 1 Rottnest

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